Rates and Policies


We understand schedules vary, so drop off and pick up for daycare anytime during business hours Monday through Saturday (Saturday daycare is by reservation only and Sundays are reserved for our overnight guests).

Individual Visits

$23.00 full day / $16.00 half day (6 hours or less)


We also have several package options available!

$210.00 10 full days / $140.00 10 half days

$380.00 20 full days / $240.00 20 half days


Monthly Unlimited Daycare

Our monthly daycare membership guarantees a reservation for your pup for every day we offer daycare! This includes days there are limited availability during our peak seasons. Never be miss another day of play again!

$325.00 first dog / $250.00 for additional dogs from the same family



Our all-inclusive boarding not only includes daycare from breakfast until dinner, but also a late night potty break so that your dog is never left crated all night long.

$35.00 per night

$30.00 per night per dog for dogs from the same family

What to bring:

  • Food in a sealed container or Ziploc bags
  • Medications in original containers
  • Bed or blankets from home (we do keep bedding to offer our guests if you forget)
  • Toys or chews (for in crate use only)

What not to bring: 

  • Rawhides
  • Bowls (unless your pup needs a slow feeder; otherwise we provide clean and sanitized bowls)

Check-in: Please have your pup here by 1:00pm.

Check-out: There will be a $10 fee per dog on the last day of stay if not picked up before 1:00pm.

Early check-outs: Dogs picked up prior to their scheduled checkout date will be charged for that evening’s stay if we are not notified by 1:00pm on the day of departure.

Boarding over holidays including: New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas we have a minimum 2 night stay policy. A non-refundable deposit is required for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Boarders should bring their own food from home! Changing a dog’s diet suddenly can upset bellies. However accidents happen, so we do keep food on hand if you forget.

Any dogs not checked-out by close of business will be provided overnight accommodations, dinner, breakfast, and an overnight fee will be assessed plus meals.

Rules and regulations

Age:  All dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age or older and have complete vaccinations.

Sex:   All dogs 12 months or older must be spayed or neutered.

Vaccines:  All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations. Owners must submit written proof of current Distemper, Parvo and Rabies. Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines are required every 6 months, and an annual fecal exam is also required.  Dogs must be on a veterinarian approved flea and heartworm prevention program.

Health:  All dogs must be in good health.  Owners will certify their dog is in good health and has not been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days.

Fleas and Intestinal Parasites(worms): If we discover your dog has fleas or parasites while in our care, we reserve the right to treat your animal for the condition and charge you for the treatment. Boarded dogs will be treated immediately, daycare dogs may be separated from the group until they can be picked up by their owner.

Behavior: All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food/toy protective.  Owners must certify their dogs have not harmed, or shown any aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other dog(s).  Please remember – your pet will be spending time with other pets and the safety and health of all animals is our main concern.