Sleep Over

We also offer dog boarding. After a long day of play, our overnight guests will sleep like puppies. Our safe and secure facility provides a climate-controlled, quiet place for your pet to have a good night’s sleep after all the excitement from the day.

Each pet will have an individual crate with bedding you bring from home. (We are happy to provide bedding for you, if needed.) We will leave on a night light and play some soft music so your pet feels right at home.

You need to bring your dog’s food because it is not good to change their diet. Please bring your pet’s food in a sealed plastic container. If your dog requires medications please bring them in the prescription bottle. (This is required by the Department of Agriculture)

We recommend you drop your dog off for boarding NO LATER than 1PM. This allows them time to get used to us and use up some energy so they are nice and tired when it’s time to go in their crate. This will greatly reduce your pet’s anxiety!