Doggy Daycare!

New to us and want to bring your pup in for some fun while you’re out for the day?

They will love running around in the sun and playing in one of our specialized play groups! We separate by size and by personality every day, so you’ll never see your 5 lb. Chihuahua playing with a 70 lb. Labrador Retriever. We also have an indoor play space for when the summers get too hot. Our staff are always on hand to make sure all play is fun and safe for everyone!

Fill out the forms under the tab for New Clients and submit a reservation request below. We’ll follow-up to get you started!

Existing clients may use the form below to request reservations. Please bear in mind that these are requests and aren’t booked until you hear back from a staff member.


Half Day: $20

Full Day: $30

VACCINE Requirements

You’ll need to make sure your dog is up-to-date on the following vaccinations and that we have record of them on file.

You can have your vet email us directly at

We require spay/neuter by 12 months of age and we cannot accept dogs younger than 16 weeks old.