September’s Menu Of Services

We’re now offering Personal Pup Pics   … $5 /day

You can have 5 pictures of your dog texted or emailed directly to you each day!


This month’s seasonal Kong flavor is Pumpkin Spice (of course!)   … $3 /day

Peanut Butter, Ginger Cookie Pieces, Pumpkin Puree, Topped With Greek Yogurt

Great for any pup who might be a bit restless at bedtime or for a puppy in need of a mid-day nap


Waterless Bath   … $10

Does your pup need to freshen up after a week of play, but they aren’t quite ready for a full bath? Our waterless shampoo provides a clean smell without the bathing! It’s applied to a dry coat, massaged in, then we brush them out to remove dirt and leave them smelling fresh!

Great for regular daycare dogs or those that keep regular appointments with the groomer



Tell our desk staff which option you would like to add-on to your pup’s visit at drop off or when you book your next reservation!