Spring is around the corner

And we have some exciting updates at The Dog House! 


Our Spring menu items are here! 

Our seasonal Kong is “Banana Pudding” frozen bananas, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter topped with whipped cream and a dog cookie It goes well with a dehydrated duck foot and it’s only $5 for the pair! 

Our new and improved exit bath now includes shampoo, rinse, a light blow dry, brush, and a spritz of a gentle cologne! The blow dry and brushing reduces their time spent air drying and making your pup not only more comfortable when it’s chilly outside, but also helps us make sure you have a dry good smelling dog when you pick up! 

Only $25-32 (size depending) 

We are now offering a S’Paw Day bath! This includes our standard exit bath, but also conditioner, a full blow dry, nails, ears/eyes, and a blueberry facial! The blueberry facial helps with tear staining and is relaxing for your dog. 

Only $38-$45 (size depending) 


New Boarding Care Packages! 

Starting March 1st we’re introducing a new way to customize your dog’s stay for their specific needs whether you have a precious puppy, a nervous nellie, a super senior, or a pampered pooch 

Standard Boarding is still all-inclusive for their all day play, overnight stay, all feeding types, oral and topical medications, a night time potty break, Facebook pictures, and lot and lots of belly rubs 


The Senior Care Package still includes our standard boarding, but also nightly CBD to help calm the nighttime nerves, probiotics to protect the tummy, nap time in the office for a break from the hustle and bustle of daycare, and an exit bath (also a good option for the mildly anxious boarder) 


The Puppy Care Package still includes our standard boarding, but also a nightly stuffed kong and duck foot, a kenneled lunch and nap time if needed, 5 pictures texted or emailed to mom and dad daily, a nail trim, and an exit bath 


The Pampered Pooch Package includes our standard boarding, but also daily brushing to smooth out the day’s play, a blueberry facial, a nail trim, ears/eyes, an exit bath, and a full blow out! Your dog will come home looking even better than she arrived 



Daycare Price Adjustment Starting April 1st 

Due to rising cost of supplies, a desire to increase the base pay of my staff, and to stay in line with the other local daycares, we have new pricing for full day daycare and our monthly unlimited package. Half day daycare remains the same! Pre-payment for 10 and 20 Full Day packages is limited to 1 refill plus 1 additional package. 

Walk-in Daycare $26 

10 Full Day pack $240 ($2 discount/day) 

20 Full Day pack $440 ($4 discount/day) 

Monthly Unlimited $400 (discount/day varies by how often you come) 

The Monthly Unlimited still includes automatic reservations, no late fees for boarding pick up, and special members only daycare days around major holidays! A great option for the dog who comes to daycare 4 and 5 days a week (not recommended for puppies) 


Valentine’s Day Picture Day was a success! 

Easter/Spring Picture Day starts March 21st when we’ll celebrate the first day of spring 


  • National Employee Appreciation day is March 4th 
  • National K9 Veterans Day is March 13th 
  • …. the same as Daylight Saving Time day…. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th 
  • National Puppy Day is March 23rd 



We’ll see you soon